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Emma Beech and Ashton Malcolm

Vitalstatistix spoke to artists Emma Beech and Ashton Malcolm about what they hope to get out of their yearlong residencies with Vitals this year. Both Emma and Ashton are Adelaide-based theatre makers and actors who have a continuing relationship with the…


Atlanta Eke and Erin Fowler

Vitalstatistix spoke to dance artists Atlanta Eke and Erin Fowler about the changing face of local and national dance practice. Atlanta is a Melbourne-based choreographer and dancer who is developing her new work I CON with Vitalstatistix in November. Erin is…

Testing The Piper by My Darling Patricia 2010 photo by Sam Routledge

Emma Beech and Steve Mayhew

Vitalstatistix spoke with performance-maker and conversationalist Emma Beech and curator, producer and director/dramaturge Steve Mayhew, who is also Creative Producer at Country Arts SA. Vitalstatistix and Country Arts SA will premiere Emma’s new work Life is Short and Long, in…

5.Winnie at Manifold Portrait sharing 2015_Photo by Alysha

Lz Dunn and Alysha Herrmann

Vitalstatistix spoke with Melbourne-based artist Lz Dunn, whose work Aeon features as this year’s Adhocracy residency project, and South Australian artist and creative producer Alysha Herrmann who will be participating in the Aeon residency. V: Could you each tell us…

Sasha Grbich at CACSA-Contemporary

Jason Sweeney and Sasha Grbich

Vitalstatistix spoke with Adelaide-based independent artists Sasha Grbich and Jason Sweeney. Sasha is a visual artist, writer and lecturer; Jason is a singer-songwriter, composer and multidisciplinary artist. Both have long-term associations with Vitalstatistix and each is involved in our five-year…


Jennifer Greer Holmes and Hilary Kleinig

Vitalstatistix spoke with Hilary Kleinig from Zephyr Quartet and Jennifer Greer Holmes, independent creative producer and ZQ’s manager, about contemporary and experimental music, their focus on collaboration and how they are feeling about the future of Australian arts three weeks…

HOWL_opening Photo by Bryony Jackson_LoRes

Paul Gazzola and Willoh S.Weiland

Vitalstatistix spoke with Paul Gazzola, Adhocracy co-curator and Artistic Director of OSCA - Open Space Contemporary Arts (South Australia); and Willoh S.Weiland, Artistic Director of Aphids (Victoria) and co-creator of Crawl Me Blood, a new work in development with Vitalstatistix.…

Ulysses in development at The Substation. Image credit: David Paterson

Emma Valente and Meg Wilson

Vitalstatistix spoke with Emma Valente, co-Artistic Director of Victorian-based theatre company THE RABBLE, and South Australian-based visual artist and theatre designer Meg Wilson, who has joined THE RABBLE as lead artist intern in 2016. V: Emma, tell us about THE…

HLB_0353 (2)

Vital Conversations

Welcome to Vitalstatistix’s new blog. On the first Friday of each month, we will be publishing a new conversation with artists who we work with. The articles will pair together artists whose practices overlap in some way – from tangible collaborations,…