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COVID-19: Vitalstatisix’s response and actions

Stay tuned for rolling announcements about our 2020 plans – this year we are announcing our program in stages, just to keep it fresh! (Actually, it’s because the Australian arts funding environment is so diluted and unstable at the moment).

Check out our first show for the year, Howl by APHIDS, HERE.

We have seven residencies for the year, full details and information about when you can see their works-in-progress HERE.

Other BIG announcements about premieres, collaborations and new projects will come later on in the year. Our 2020 is classic Vitals – political, feminist, enquiring and focused on strong ideas and points of view, and interested in process, representation and busting open how audiences experience art.

On April 15 we will be holding a second sector wide meeting about safety, non-violence and inclusion in the arts and our workplaces. This meeting follows a meeting held at Vitalstatistix in February 2018 which sparked changes in the South Australian sector alongside the work of many nationally and here in South Australia.

Adhocracy is in its eleventh year in 2020. We will open our call-out for proposals in early April, with applications closing on Monday 25th May.  Adhocracy will take place 3-6 September.There will be plenty of other opportunities for artists to apply for in 2020.

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