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Vitalstatistix is based at the heritage-listed Waterside Workers Hall, Nile Street in Port Adelaide, a stone’s throw from the Port River, with its population of wild urban dolphins, and the Port heritage icon Hart’s Mill.

Our home since 1992, Waterside was originally built by the Waterside Workers Federation. Since the building’s foundations were laid in 1926 it has been central to Port Adelaide’s cultural life, with unionists, activists, Aboriginal people, artists and many others all holding a special connection to Waterside. Vitals is honoured by our custodianship of Waterside and its continued use as a place of theatre and art making, activism, community gathering and cultural democracy.

Waterside is a direct and easy 25-minute drive from the CBD. It is accessible by bus (route numbers 150, 117, 118, 230, 232, 252 and 254, 254X) and train (Outer Harbour line, Ethelton station). For public transport information visit

Waterside has free parking available nearby at Hart’s Mill and is close to pubs and restaurants.

For more information about Port Adelaide visit: