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Climate Century


Climate Century is a five-year project (2014-2018) inviting artists to respond broadly to provocations: how will we understand and remember the climate century? And in considering this question, how might we imagine the condition of climate change, and dystopian or utopian futures, beyond our lifetimes?

The final two years of Climate Century (2017 and 2018) focus on the development and presentation of six commissioned new works.

There is sometimes a desire for environmental art to reinforce or popularise crisis-focused political positions and ‘positive’/action messaging. This is not strange when placed against a desperate need for change.

However, embedded in Climate Century is a recognition that we are in fact likely past the ‘tipping point’; this has in fact been widely acknowledged by global climate scientists in the past two years. Climate change is not a crisis but a condition. Living with, and surviving, this condition is perhaps the great experimental challenge of our times, culturally and scientifically.

The commissioned artists are using frameworks that include speculative thinking, post-colonialism, counter-intuition, queer ecology, comedic interventions, body-centred practices, and research processes with non-artist environmentalists and First Nations communities. Their works express a profound sense of grief and the necessarily preposterous, while grappling with pasts and futures.

In 2017 the artists will undertake creative development of their works, participate in a lab with Vitalstatistix and present artist talks and showings.

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This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.