Emily Parsons-Lord


What happens when humans can imagine and build a new environment? Will it be one modelled on previously held ideas of what ‘nature’ looks and feels like?

As climate change progresses, ideas that were once considered on the fringes of scientific (and ethical) possibility, are being more seriously considered. One such proposal for halting climate change is high stratosphere aerosol dispersal, where a substance (sulphur, or even diamonds!) is released in the upper atmosphere to deflect solar radiation and therefore lower temperatures. Consequences include the permanent removal of the blue from our sky, and the daily occurrence of explosive sunrises and sunsets; plants will photosynthesise differently, and winds will be affected.

Then Let Us Run (The Sky is Falling) is a project to determine the colour of the sky (and sunrises/sunsets) were this geoengineering to take effect, in consultation with Professor Steven Sherwood of University of New South Wale’s Climate Change Research.

Drawing on her interests in critical dialogue with climate sciences, speculative natural history, and tragi-humour, Emily Parsons-Lord will create a large-scale durational installation for Climate Century, offering a visceral encounter with this new sky.

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Emily Parsons-Lord


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This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Project Dates

8-25th November
2-8pm Thursdays – Sundays
Waterside, 11 Nile St, Port Adelaide
Free entry

Performance lecture: Friday 9 November, 6-7pm, Waterside, free

Panel - Nigh Futures: Saturday 24 November, 3-5pm, Hart’s Mill Flour Shed, free