Roslyn Helper, Constantine Costi and collaborators

The Most Glorious Disastrous Meal of My Life

The Most Glorious Disastrous Meal of My Life is a contemporary opera in five acts. The libretto comprises verbatim text stitched together from online Google reviews of McDonalds restaurants around Australia.  

These reviews record wildly differing experiences of a product sold for its ability to be replicated: generic fast food. What is it that compels us to write so publicly, passionately and with hilarious contradiction online? The ubiquitous Google review has become more than just a public platform to wax lyrical or vent; these reviews serve as a potent metaphor for our larger personal joys and frustrations with the world.

Roslyn’s practice is grounded in experimentation with technological interfaces and the production of contemporary text for performance. This project extends her work into the realm of contemporary music.

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Creative Team

Roslyn Helper, Constantine Costi and local performers


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Project Dates

Friday – 7pm, artist talk/showing
Saturday – 7pm, showing
Sunday – 9pm, showing

Waterside, 11 Nile St, Port Adelaide
Free entry