Incubator Residency

Incubator Residency

LOSS. GAIN. REVERB. DELAY is an ambitious sound and sculptural work-in-development, which explores knowledge transmission through time and across land, referencing specific landmarks and correlations between Aboriginal knowledge and scientific discovery.

The project is part of a body of work by emerging artist Brad Harkin that focuses on the complex relationships that link cultural history and scientific enquiry. It builds on his work PALM VALLEY, exhibited at CACSA in 2015.

In PALM VALLEY, the results of research carried out into the origin of the Red Cabbage Palm is linked thematically to ideas of reconstruction of cultural identity. The Red Cabbage Palm is a threatened and significant species found in the Finke Gorge National Park, which is on Arrernte Aboriginal land in Central Australia.

Brad will continue his research into the Red Cabbage Palm, alongside experimentation with hybrids of sound and visual art, culminating in a large, multi-sited installation in Adelaide and Central Australia in 2017.