We the Sick [of It]

We the Sick [of It] generates a series of participatory micro manifestos about the health of the social body, engaging with poetics, play and radical care practices.

Cat Jones is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and researcher thinking across social, biological and metaphysical realms. She experiments with transformation through the subversion of science, history, language and the senses. She works across text, performance, media, immersive, site-specific, tactile, olfactory and edible art.

Working with pvi collective’s Kelli McCluskey as a provocateur, Cat’s latest project continues her interest in medicine and feminist futures, the social body, and community care. The project experiments with crowd-sourced content through the form of collective manifestos, and their pertinence at this critical time for global health policy and ongoing isolation.

Creative Team: Artist – Cat Jones; Provocateur – Kelli McCluskey