Alex Kelly and collaborators

The Things We Did Next

The Things We Did Next is a speculative talk show set ten years in the future, where artists, thought leaders and scientists reflect on the past decade of their working lives and the climatic, economic and political changes that have taken place in the world.

Conceived as a performative panel for a live studio audience and a podcast, guests will perform a future version of themselves, weaving together improvisation about their personal-professional practice and visions for the future, told retrospectively.

Through this new work in development, artist and activist Alex Kelly is seeking new, bold, positive and transformative visions for how we might change the world and ourselves. During Adhocracy join her for talks, workshops and trials of the work.

Full program available HERE
Creative Team

Alex Kelly, with Jennifer Mills and local guests


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Project Dates

Friday – 6pm, artist talk/workshop
Saturday – 5pm, artist talk/workshop
Sunday – 8pm, showing (main hall)

Waterside, 11 Nile St, Port Adelaide
Free entry