Pony Express

Raft of the Medusa

Raft of the Medusa is a floating, mid-apocalyptic, participatory performance about trying to stay moored in a rising sea. Set in a speculative future, sea levels have risen, the ocean has overtaken the land, and only two boats remain: a large raft-like boat modeled on the raft of the Méduse, and a more habitable, yet decrepit yacht.

Eventually to be performed on a life raft, Raft of the Medusa is steeped in irony and black humour, as well as a real sense of adventure, risk, and reward for the audience’s bravery. For this first creative development, Pony Express will explore the conceptual framework and dramaturgy of the work, test its on-water potentials on the Port River, and research mariner culture and rising water levels in Port Adelaide.

Creative Team

Ian Sinclair & Loren Kronemyer (WA)

Project Dates

2 - 4 September

Your chance to see:
• Artist talk – Friday 8pm
• Sunset walk and talk – Saturday 5pm
• Artist talk & showing – Sunday 8pm