Pony Express

Raft of the Medusa

Climate Century

Dive into an experimental conversation about survival. Can humans adapt to the ocean, collaborate with marine life and rethink our social structures to weather the inevitable? And what does Celine Dion have to say about this?

On the eve of the 200th anniversaire of Théodore Géricault’s iconic French Romantic painting by the same name, which depicts the real life tragedy of the naval frigate Méduse and the fate of its survivors, Raft of the Medusa is participatory performance about creating a new water-world order.

Part history-tour-undone, part how-to workshop, this subversive Port River cruise (on board ex-naval boat the Archie Badenoch) reflects Pony Express’ obsessions with global weirding and queer futurism. Raft of the Medusa trawls the past, present, and future in a speculative drift across maritime narratives. The party boat has gone astray – all aboard!

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Company/Presenter Profile

PONY EXPRESS is a collaborative body led by playwright and performance maker Ian Sinclair and transdisciplinary artist Loren Kronemyer. Through their pandrogynous collaborative process, Pony Express work across platforms of media art, live art, group devising methodology and an antidisciplinary approach to create immersive alternate realities. Their work reflects themes of environment, apocalypse, and the future. They are currently making the world’s first Ecosexual Bathhouse, a multi-chamber walk through labyrinth that plunges participants into the world environmental eroticism, testing the boundaries of evolution and inhibition.


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This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Performance Dates

22 – 25th November at 5pm and 7pm
On board the Archie Badenoch, starts at the Port Adelaide Lighthouse

Panel - Nigh Futures: Saturday 24 November, 3-5pm, Hart’s Mill Flour Shed, free



Creative Team

Ian Sinclair
Loren Kronemyer