Motus Collective

Old Body, New Management

Motus Collective are exploring ideas of regeneration, identity and change, based on the philosophical problem of the Ship of Theseus. The Ship of Theseus asks the question: If a ship gradually has each of its original parts replaced with new ones, at what point in the process does it cease to be the original ship? Does it ever cease to be the original ship? What defines it as itself?

This question has been posited by philosophers not only as these properties apply to objects but to humans and bodies – the full regeneration of cells in the human body happens every seven years; but cells grow at different paces, traumatic events occur and interrupt systems.

Drawing on choreography and experimental sound, Motus Collective will explore these themes through the development of their new dance work Old Body, New Management, in collaboration with composer and experimental musician Matthew Timmis and his movement-based sound technology.

Image: Zoe Gay


Creative Team

Zoe Gay, Felicity Boyd, Matthew Timmis, Tyson Olson and Andrew Barnes (SA)

Project Dates

Adhocracy 2019:
Friday 6 - Sunday 8 September
Entry by donation

Waterside, 11 Nile St.
Port Adelaide

Your chance to see:
• Friday – 7pm showing
• Saturday – 9pm showing
• Sunday – 6pm showing