Jennifer Greer Holmes and collaborators

Move Along

Designed for post-colonial cities, Move Along explores themes of love, dispossession and visibility through a walking tour of an urban district. The work is being made across Adelaide and Singapore, through a collaborative process between artists and communities, as part of a pilot project run by UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Audiences are guided by video and soundscapes accessed on mobile devices with performative interventions bookmarking their journey. In Port Adelaide, our hero and guide is a young Aboriginal man, a skater. Eventually the work will accumulate interwoven universal and site-specific narratives developed across multiple presentations.

During Adhocracy, the team of artists will test out a number of concepts and story-building processes that underpin the work, generate video and sound works, and explore their cross-cultural collaboration.

Full program available HERE
Creative Team

Jennifer Greer Holmes, Josephine Were,  Heath Britton, Belinda Gehlert, Alexis West and Jaru West, with Jean Low aka Ferry.


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Project Dates

Friday – 7pm, artist talk
Saturday – 8pm, artist talk/showing
Sunday - 5-6:30pm, showings – small groups

Hart’s Mill, Mundy St, Port Adelaide
Free entry