Malcolm Whittaker & Rebecca Jensen

Dirty Pieces

Interdisciplinary artist and researcher Malcolm Whittaker struggles to understand contemporary dance. Rebecca Jensen is a choreographer and dancer. Dirty Pieces is a collaborative exploration of the question “but what is it about?” conducted through improvisation, generative writing, and image making.

The process will embrace the preposition of this question, liberating it from a word of potential limitation to expansive possibility. Dirty Pieces will play with the machinations of meaning making and narrative production. It will test relationships between  choreography and language, as well as a new collaboration.

“This… is about realizing the hole in the ozone layer is caused by all the hairspray the kids are using in wanting to look like Justin Bieber, and that’s why polar bears have only little ice cubes to hold on to.” Warren Ellis

Creative Team

Malcolm Whittaker & Rebecca Jensen (NSW/VIC)

Project Dates

2 - 4 September

Your chance to see:
• Artist talk – Friday 5pm
• Workshop & showing – Saturday 8pm
• Showing – Sunday 10pm