Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen


Contemporary society is awash with information and choices that are never satisfactory. Anxiety is at epidemic proportions as we hover between the lessons of history and the abyss of the future.

Airports is a palindrome, a reversible dance work. It begins with a torrent of references and binaries moving at a hectic pace, a blur, logic gone. It progresses forward, slowing towards stillness and suspension; then rapidly reverses back through itself towards the beginning, which is now the end.

Occupying the space between Sarah and Rebecca’s previous dance collaborations, OVERWORLD (2014) and Underworld (2017) – in a non-linear trilogy – Airports builds on the generative practices of these previous works. It exists in the liminal space between the prequel and the sequel, between arrival and departure, between theme and variation.

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Creative Team

Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen, with Andrew Wilson


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Friday – 8pm, showing
Saturday – 6pm, artist talk/showing
Sunday – 10pm, showing

Waterside, 11 Nile St, Port Adelaide
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