Adhocracy 2010

Adhocracy: A form of  organisation  that cuts across normal bureaucratic lines to capture opportunities, adapt to change & solve problems. A process of decision making where  groups of individuals reach consensus by responding in an ad hoc fashion to frequently changing priorities.

Despite our plethora of city-based festivals in Adelaide, there are rare opportunities for artists to immerse themselves in hybrid & collaborative space. Adhocracy is inspired by interstate events such as  This Is Not Art & Underbelly, where interdisciplinary artists are invited to collaborate, critique & create on the spot.

For Adhocracy this year, we’ve brought together 18 participating artists & 5 provocateurs  – performance makers, visual artists, bloggers, writers, digital artists & musicians  –  in a massive mash-up. For you, the voyeurs, it’s about seeing art-making uncovered in a highly-charged, inspiring, unravelling evening at Waterside.

So what’s happening? The artists first came together yesterday at 12pm – they were divided into four teams (of varying numbers, so its not too symmetrical) & they have been making art since. We’ve given them aims & rules of the game, & let them loose in Waterside. You can check out the info they were given & the biographies of all the artists near the bar. We’ve asked them to respond to the departure point of try not to hurt yourself & to do so creatively, politically, personally…to take it as a dare, a provocation, to go in any direction with their  co-conspirators…

What am I going to see? The artists are going to continue to work through the whole evening. There will be ‘spotlights’ throughout the night, & a chance to see what’s been made at the end of the night too (see schedule next page). Feel free to walk amongst the action, check out each team’s documentation of their process, & listen to live vox pops & commentary. You’ll notice there is a live video feed from BandAid Solutions… this is a room that’s off limits to you, where the teams can problem-solve with a provocateur of their choice.  There are plenty of other happenings to check out…what you see & do is up to you.

Rules of engagement: We encourage you to take in Adhocracy in many different ways… Look, listen, partake in the bar, chat, find your own private space…whatever works for you. Please respect the artists & their space (look , don’t touch!), & consider yourself an important ally in their creative process. Please don’t physically intervene in or interrupt what they are making (unless you are invited to do so). Follow the action on twitter (the tags are #adhocracy & #tnthy—as in, try not to hurt yourself) & facebook, call your friends & get them to come on down…communication with the outside world is heartily encouraged. Have fun, be inspired & try not to hurt yourself!

Times to keep an eye out for…

5pm to 6pm: happy hour!!
5:30pm: 15min spotlight
6:30pm: 15min spotlight
7:30pm: 15min spotlight
8:30pm: 15min spotlight

In each spotlight one team will give you a glimpse of what they’ve been working on…

9:15pm: We’ve been a makin’, now we’re are a showin’… all four teams will present their work.

10pm: It’s a wrap! And time to hit the dance floor with DJ Neon Electric serving up tasty tunes ‘til 1am.

The Team

Participating Artists
Ailsa Dunlop, Alan Grace, Caitlin McCreanor, Dee Easton, Delia Olam, Eliza Lovell, Emily Steel, Emma Beech, Heath Britton, Kelly Moritz, Lachlan Tetlow Stuart, Lara Torr, Laura Wills, Lucy Thurley,
Renae Coles, Rhys Rodgers, Steve Glass & Steve Noonan.

Annalise Rees, Daisy Brown, Emma Webb, Jason Sweeney
& Jo Zealand (MC).

Curatorial Team
Edwin Kemp Attrill (Adhocracy Producer)
Emma Webb (Vitalstatistix Creative Producer)
Jennifer Greer Holmes (Vitalstatistix Managing Producer)
Steve Mayhew (Adhocracy Producer Mentor)
Sarah Dunn (Vitalstatistix Arts Administration Trainee)
Ianto Ware (Consultant)

Marketing & Design
Olivia Power (Vitalstatistix Development Coordinator)

Justin Pennington (Vitalstatistix Production & Venue Manager)
Angela Cresswell (Production Secondment)

Thank you, thank you, thank you…
Amy Milhinch, Laura Haigh, Jane Fuller, pvi collective, Sam Rodgers,
Slingsby, Virginia Barratt & the Vitals’ Workskill project participants.

Project Dates

Saturday 28 August 2010
5pm til late