Deborah Pollard and Sean Bacon

A Roaring Silence

The Federal Government’s commitment to build another monument to Captain Cook, for the 250th anniversary of Cook’s landing in 2020, has highlighted again how Australia obsessively celebrates settler colonialism as its national identity.

A Roaring Silence is a performance project that sets out to investigate monuments, memorialisation and historic re-enactment. In the spirit of artists like Soda_Jerk and others, this is also a creative enquiry by two non-Indigenous artists into White Australian fear, shame and inertia. At the heart of this project are complex questions about why Australia is resistant to truth telling.

Longtime collaborators, Deborah and Sean will explore this work in its first stage of development, drawing on their live and mediated performance practices and their experience working with historical documents and visual media.

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Deborah Pollard and Sean Bacon


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Project Dates

Friday – 6pm, artist talk/showing
Saturday – 8pm, artist talk/showing
Sunday – 7pm, showing

Waterside, 11 Nile St, Port Adelaide
Free entry