Dance Double Bill

Incubator residencies – work-in-progress showings
Sightings by Gabrielle Nankivell
The Read by Amrita Hepi

Vitalstatistix’s Incubator residency program supports the creative development and premiere of new works, and nourishes long term relationships between artists and Vitals.

In rejigging our 2020 program in response to COVID-19, we find that our two Incubator artists will each undertake their residency with us side-by-side across the same dates. While unusual (like everything else this year!) it means these two acclaimed Australian dance makers will share this time together and our audiences will have a chance to see a very exciting double bill of residency outcomes and work-in-progress dance.

Sightings by Gabrielle Nankivell explores personal and collective mythologies of place through crowd-sourced mapping and storytelling, choreographed site interventions, video works, documentation and public performance. This residency will explore conceptual material from ideas around discovery, colonialism and unreliable narratives of place, through to acts of public sightings, new archival practices and public choreography.

The Read by Amrita Hepi explores the body in service with a performance by a dancer, a sex worker and an athlete. This residency will focus on exploring ideas around what constitutes work, the body as a vessel for the desires of others, as well as developing a methodology between the collaborators for presenting stories of the body and its mechanics in each of their fields of work.

Images courtesy of the artists.

Performance Dates

Rescheduled to 2021 – details coming soon

Creative Team

Sightings: Gabrielle Nankivell, with Luke Smiles and Jonathan Oxlade

The Read: Amrita Hepi with Tilly Lawless