The Read

Amrita Hepi

Incubator Residency

The Read will explore the body in service with a performance by a dancer, a sex worker and an athlete.

So often when lost in the act or observations of moments of irreverence or desire we forget the transmissions or transgressions that have led us there. The labour that leads us to the sex, dance, pleasure, race and brief encounter with the thrill of a body.

Drawing on Amrita’s interests in participatory research, intimate conversations and resilience, The Read will explore the similarities and differences in three professions, and the broader observation that their labour is not contained to a singular act, event or performance.

This residency will focus on exploring ideas around what constitutes work, the body as a vessel for the desires of others, as well as developing a methodology between the collaborators for presenting stories of the body and its mechanics in each of their fields of work.

Creative team: Amrita Hepi, Tilly Lawless and athlete TBC

Image courtesy of the artist