Rachael Guinness

Rachael Guinness is a Sydney-based creative whose career spans the corporate and creative sectors. She designs and delivers large-scale activations for brand functions, fashion shows, music festivals, corporate events, music videos and product launches.

Her career has evolved from creating playful installations to pursuing understanding of complex problems within our society. Her works have spanned large-scale event production designs (Sydney Marathon, Gold Dinner), original scenography for theatre and live artworks (Epoch Wars and The Queer Woodchop by Pony Express), and art direction for fashion, music, and commercial brands including Camilla, Carla Zampatti, Ikea, and Tom Dixon.

She worked as Associate Producer to the Creative Director Tony Assness and holds a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation design degree from the University of Technology, Sydney. In 2020 she returned to her ancestral home in regional WA to continue her lifelong involvement in their innovative grain farming practice and continues to work across NSW and WA.