Lily Potger

Hailing from Garlambirla (Coffs Harbour), Lily Potger trained with Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London.
Their personal exploration exists in the body and its experience. They seek to explore the limits of dance within community and commons and investigate how movement as a medium can be a modality for social systems and place — using the findings of these investigations to negate and challenge the traditional structures of formalised contemporary dance.

During their career, Lily has worked most notably with, Hofesh Shectre, Christopher Bruce, Anthony Matsena and The Bait Fridge. They have performed in the UK and Australia and have a close performing relationship with MUD experimental performance community based on Kaurna Country, SA. Lily facilitates workshops and classes in Tandanya to provide spaces for the exchange of knowledge and the strengthening of community bonds.

Since returning from the UK Lily has created and collaborated on works focusing on access and sharing between community and art in SA.