Ingrid Vranken

Ingrid Vranken (BE) works as an independent dramaturg, curator and artist, and is a member of FoAM, a transdisciplinary laboratory at the interstices of art, science, nature and everyday life. Her curatorial and artistic practice focuses on enabling a systemic ecofeminist transition in the arts, through engaging with the knowledge and labor of other-than-human beings, and in particular plants. For this, she creates collaborative curatorial frameworks and speculative lecture performances under the umbrella of Rooted Hauntology Lab. She is a participant of the School of Infinite Rehearsals, Onassis AiR 2020-21 creating herself into an oracle. She has a Masters in Theatre Studies from the University of Antwerp and Freie Universität Berlin and a Masters in the Arts at DAStheatre. Since Spring 2022 she is the Artistic Director, Das Theatre, Amsterdam.