Daley Rangi

Daley Rangi is a Māori antidisciplinary artist generating the unpredictable – speaking truth to power, reorienting hierarchies, and investigating injustice. They’ve made a lot of art – not all of it good, but most of it interesting. They are neurodivergent, which appears to infiltrate their work. Speaking of, their practice has, thus far, tackled ecological sovereignty, disability ethics, ideological virality, contested histories, and queer labour. For them, self-biographies are all-at-once discomforting, superfluous, and crucial; in constant
dialogue with colonial systems. They have just published their first book of poetry and storytelling, titled Burnt Tongue. Reflecting on language and self-determination, the collection exhumes tales of resistance and resilience, in a scavenger hunt for forbidden fruit. Daley, like their practice, is inspired by ancestry and still
searching for answers. They currently reside on Gadigal Eora country.