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Climate Century commission

Raft of the Medusa is a floating, mid-apocalyptic, participatory performance about trying to stay moored in a rising sea. Set in a speculative future, the ocean has overtaken the land and humans must adapt.

This site-specific work responds to its location. In Port Adelaide, Vitalstatistix’s home, as like many places, this includes dramatic tidal shifts, a rapidly changing coastal ecology, increasingly severe weather patterns and governmental reluctance to prepare for these changes.

Inspired by Théodore Géricault’s iconic French Romantic painting, depicting the real life tragedy of the naval frigate Méduse and the fate of its survivors as they battle for their lives on a raft, Raft of the Medusa is steeped in irony and black humour, as well as a real sense of adventure, risk, and reward for the audience’s bravery. The work is an investigation of how humans must adapt to the ocean, collaborate with marine life and create new, water-based organisational structures to weather the inevitable.


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Project Dates

Climate Century Lab:
28 November - 3 December
Public Program:
Friday 1 December
6pm -9pm