Incubator Residency
Presented by Vitalstatistix in association with Insite Arts.

Angelique is young and full of dark mystery. The future is hers. But her existence teeters on the edge. The future threatens to close in on her. Now she’s disappeared. What happened to her? What does she know? And what are these clues she’s left behind?

That’s His Style is an ambitious new theatre installation by South Australian performance company isthisyours?, in development with Vitalstatistix and Insite Arts, which examines the way communities are bound as much by what they choose to keep secret as those things they share.

The work draws its inspiration from Henri-Georges Clouzot’s controversial 1943 film, The Raven. Based on real events, the film was banned in France after its release. It chronicles a small town tearing itself apart with suspicion and recrimination as anonymous ‘poison-pen’ letters circulate, revealing the resident’s sordid secrets. But are they secrets? Or things everyone knows, but willfully ignore?

During their time in-residence at Vitalstatistix, isthisyours? and their collaborators will interrogate the politics of freedom, choice and association, along with the form of That’s His Style.