Progress Report

Alison Currie and Alisdair Macindoe

Incubator Residency

Progress Report is a new solo dance performance about consumerism and waste. The work puts real world, every day decisions under the microscope to reveal seemingly contradictory, at times hilarious and often unbearable truths. In this show, watching garbage can change its value and wasting waste is a waste.

This new work in development brings together long-time collaborators, dance-makers and multidisciplinary artists Alison Currie and Alisdair Macindoe, and their mutual interest in the place of objects and subjects in performance.

Through their work they investigate human dependency on and intimacy with objects and how interactions between performer and object can convey tenderness, loneliness and isolation. The objects in Progress Report are friends, strangers, clothing, and environments, that can instantly be reduced back to packaging or rubbish.

Progress Report will feature several cubic metres of industrial plastics that have been intercepted midway through their recycling process. The work will mirror a dynamic state of change, reflecting this intercepted process, where objects, performer, text and choreography are in flux.

Image: courtesy of the artists

Artist Profile

Alison Currie has a BA in Dance Performance from Adelaide College of the Arts, Australia and a Research Masters in Choreography and Performance from Roehampton University London. Her work focuses on a connection between the human body and inanimate objects. She creates dance works for theatres, galleries, site specific and location nonspecific live art performances. Alison received the inaugural Arts South Australia triennial project grant for her work ‘42a’ which premiered at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation in 2008 and toured to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. She choreographed Restless Dance Theatre’s Bedroom Dancing, directed by Steve Mayhew, which was awarded Outstanding Achievement in Youth and Community Dance Australian Dance Awards 2010. Early in her career Alison was mentored by Amanda Phillips and Solon Ulbrich.

Alisdair Macindoe is a Melbourne and New York based contemporary dancer and dance-maker who trained at the Victorian College of the Arts secondary and tertiary schools. He has performed in works by Lucy Guerin, Chunky Move, Antony Hamilton, Stephanie Lake, Dancenorth, Leigh Warren and dancers, Damien Jalet, Erna Omarsdottir, Nat Cursio Inc, Jo Lloyd, Gerard Van Dyke, Bec Reid, Cobie Orger, Stone/Castro, and his own works (Bromance, 525600LOVE and Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain). He has received a Greenroom and a Helpmann award for his performances and a Greenroom award for concept and realisation of a dance work.

Residency Dates

Work-in-progress showings: 7pm, 26th and 27th April
Waterside, 11 Nile St, Port Adelaide


Free Entry

Creative Team

Co-creators: Alison Currie and Alisdair Macindoe
Design: Meg Wilson
Sound design: Sascha Budimski
Performer and collaborator: Kialea-Nadine Williams