Left Right Forward March

Incubator residency

Bron Batten

Left Right Forward March is a collaborative performance project between the artist Bron Batten and a member of the Australian Defence Forces, exploring the intersections between conservative and progressive politics in Australian society.

The work is the third in a series of shows which feature Bron in dialogue with non-artists (Sweet Child of Mine and Onstage Dating). Left Right Forward March will be an interactive, live performance lecture, interrogating the merits and drawbacks of left and right political stances within contemporary Australian culture. Confront your own personal minefield as the artist and her ADF collaborator explore personal and political conflict, states of privilege and places of peace.

This Incubator residency will be an initial development of this new work, where Bron will explore key themes, begin research with Adelaide veteran centre Soldier On, and draw on the outside eye of collaborator, theatre-maker Emma Beech.

Creative team: Bron Batten (creator/performer) with Emma Beech (outside eye)

Image credit: Bryony Jackson


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