You Are Jeff

You Are Jeff is a composed theatre piece for pianist and orchestra, inspired by Siken’s Crush, evoking a portrait of queer discovery, self-reflection, rage and sensuality.

Dan Thorpe is a classically trained composer, pianist and performer, with an interest in theatrical work, queer work and genre-decimating work. He has performed and has been performed around the world. His latest work is a concerto for acting pianist and chamber orchestra, with text from the eponymous Siken poem, commissioned by Forest Collective as part of a portrait concert in development for premiere in late 2021.

With Forest Collective’s director and conductor Evan Lawson and theatre maker Britt Plummer, Dan is drawing from a text that spurred his art practice out of the closet to make a collaborative, transcendent and very personal concert debut.

Creative Team: Composer and pianist – Dan Thorpe; Director and dramaturg – Britt Plummer; Artistic Director, Forest Collective – Evan Lawson; the musicians of Forest Collective