Angela Goh

Uncanny Valley, Girl

Uncanny Valley, Girl explores a feminist cyber/socio-political imagination to produce a new narrative for the ‘fembot’ trope.

The notion of the fembot so often condemns the feminine body as object or monster, while the consistent assignment of femininity to machines reveals a wider cultural equation of femininity with service and submissiveness. This new work-in-development is an imagining of the fembot reclaiming its subjectivity, not against humans, but for itself. Uncanny Valley, Girl plays with fear and titillation, horror and fantasy, to reframe how we see both the body and the machine.

Choreographer and dancer Angela Goh will undertake a weekend of research on the recurrent politics of fembot portrayal through reading circles and movie marathons, alongside working with low-fi massage machines which feature in this experimental work.

Creative Team

Angela Goh (NSW)

Project Dates

2 - 4 September

Your chance to see:
• Artist talk and movie night – Friday 6-10pm
• Artist talks & readings circles – Saturday 6pm & 8pm
• Durational showing – Sunday 6-9pm