Capture the Flag Collective

The Tension of Opposites

Sparked by a comedic idea based around two dictators attempting to share a small apartment, The Tension of Opposites expands this idea to explore conflict and pigheadedness, from petty differences to global politics.

Capture the Flag Collective is a newly formed collaboration of South Australian multidisciplinary artists Hew Parham, Meg Wilson, Nick Bennett, Paulo Castro and Sascha Budimski. In this first stage creative development they will research conflicts on a micro and macro level to find threads, permeations and differences. Together, they will create a series of performance images and small immersive worlds that explore this material.

Creative Team

Hew Parham, Meg Wilson, Nick Bennett, Paulo Castro & Sascha Budimski (SA)

Project Dates

2 - 4 September

Your chance to see:
• Artist talk – Friday 8pm
• Artist talk & showing – Saturday 6pm
• Showing – Sunday 7pm