The Lost and Found Office

The Lost and Found Office is a performance installation about loss, memory and the everyday experience of slippage, woven together from real-life interviews with South Australian communities.

Early career playwright Georgi Paech and emerging director Elizabeth Hay are collaborating on an ambitious project, bringing together a stellar team of South Australian theatre-makers to realise their vision and the magic of Georgi’s interviews with diverse local people.

Conceived as an immersive installation and whimsical promenade performance experience, the work explores the many types of loss we can encounter – the profound and the heartbreaking, the comical and the careless, and the liberating – and how loss shapes our lives.

Creative Team: Co-creator, interviews and script, producer – Georgi Paech; Co-creator and director – Elizabeth Hay; Designer – Bianka Kennedy; Lighting designer – Chris Petridis; Performers – Ashton Malcolm, James Smith and Jacqy Phillips