Frances Barrett and Brian Fuata

The Future Echoes

Late in life, Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of long-distance radio transmission, theorised that sound never dies. All past and present sounds fill the air around us, existing beyond our perception. Taking the perpetuity of sound as its starting point, The Future Echoes asks: what are the conditions for the time to come? How can listening be a critical form of political agency for the urgent project of building sustainable and ethical futures?

The Future Echoes by Frances Barrett has been commissioned through the Suspended Moment: The Katthy Cavaliere Fellowship, a suite of fellowships for women working at the nexus of performance and installation. Working with collaborator and performance artist Brian Fuata, this development at Adhocracy will explore listening practices, experimental vocal techniques and improvised performance.

The artists will enact work-in-progress performances that draw from this research. Each of the three unique performance will be documented for a bank of sound recordings, contributing to the larger project and its composition

Image: Kate Blackmore


Creative Team

Frances Barrett and Brian Fuata (NSW)

Project Dates

Adhocracy 2019:
Friday 6 - Sunday 8 September
Entry by donation

Hart's Mill Flour Shed
Showings leave from Waterside,
11 Nile St. Port Adelaide

Your chance to see:
• Friday – 8pm showing
• Saturday – 8pm showing
• Sunday – 8pm showing (at Waterside)