Takatāpui is an expansive performance work unearthing the transgenerational and collective trauma of colonisation, and the relentless journey to reclaiming sovereignty of body, mind and soul.

Daley Rangi (Te Āti Awa) is an eclectic, award-winning multidisciplinary artist. Raised on Whadjuk Noongar boodja, Daley was born in Aotearoa, with Māori whakapapa. They are neurodiverse and genderqueer, and use these lenses to explore the outer limits of humanity, generating unpredictable and uncomfortable works in a celebration of chaos, queerness and decolonisation.

Working from a deeply personal text, Daley is exploring what it means to be a Takatāpui, a queer Māori human, and what it takes to move through the world in their body, in a grounded, revealing work.

Creative Team: Creator and Performer – Daley Rangi; Video Art Director and Editor – Elham Haakansson-Eshraghian; Video Art Cinematographer – Elliott Nieves