Plant Notes

Plant Notes is an ephemeral art tour investigating the remnant flora on Kaurna Yerta/ the Adelaide Plains, and in this iteration the mangroves (Avicennia marina) which inhabit the Yerta Bulti/Port Adelaide region. 

Louise Flaherty and Laura Wills are collaborating South Australian visual artists, both with drawing and installation backgrounds alongside strong interests in creating site responsive and participatory works. Their practices reflect and generate curiosity with the natural environment. They have invited two acclaimed South Australian composers and musicians, Belinda Gehlert (violinist) and Naomi Keyte (singer songwriter) to collaborate on engaging social-distancing publics through creating an audible experience of their work.

The project riffs from the history of botanical illustrations as a way to record science and knowledge, to a contemporary and explorative process conveying feelings, loss, the unsaid and the underrepresented.

Creative Team: Co-creators – Louise Flaherty and Laura Wills with Belinda Gehlert and Naomi Keyte