Ben Brooker

Below the Line

Next Wave X Commission

Don’t be afraid. Don’t be scared. It won’t hurt you. It’s a play…

The internet is an angry place. They say you shouldn’t read the comments. But what if you do? All of them? And what if they’re about climate change? And theatre? Just how bad can things get in the post-truth age when ideology runs rampant and anonymous madmen (some women, but mostly men) burn and rave from behind their keyboards?

In 2014, playwright David Finnigan was commissioned by Canberra’s Aspen Island Theatre to create a play about climate change. The result was Kill Climate Deniers, a multi-platform work combining theatre, music, and live performance. Below the Line picks up where Finnigan’s play left off, presenting an unexpurgated performance of the comments submitted to Guardian writer Kate Hennessy’s 2016 article about the play.

Co-commissioned by Vitalstatistix and Next Wave, Below the Line is an innovative and ambitious verbatim theatre work that explores online comment culture, climate denialism, and the impact of creative responses to climate change. Directed by Ben Brooker (SA), with design by Meg Wilson (SA), sound design by Sidney Millar (Vic), movement by Alison Currie (SA) and dramaturgy by Bridget Mackey (Vic), this work-in- progress showing comes at a time when Australia’s climate and energy debate seems more heated than ever before.

Creative Team

Ben Brooker (SA), Meg Wilson (SA), Sindey Millar (Vic), Alison Currie (SA) and Bridget Mackey (Vic)



Project Dates

Work-in-progress Showing
7pm, 15 November 2019
Waterside Workers Hall,
11 Nile St, Port Adelaide, SA.