Too Rude

Never Trust a Creative City

Never Trust A Creative City is a performance about the uncomfortable topic of artists and gentrification. It is the first work of a new collaboration between artists Emma McManus and Maria White, also known as TOO RUDE.

Drawing on the slate of ‘vibrancy’ and ‘renewal’ trends, a general disillusionment with Australian politics, and adding a dose of feminist chutzpah, Never Trust A Creative City will attempt to unravel the terrible formula: art + city = gentrification.

Honing the voice of their new collaboration is a key focus of this first creative development. Riffing off tropes of television comedy in a live performance context, TOO RUDE will work on the opening section of the show and test what is, and isn’t, funny.

Creative Team

Emma McManus & Maria White (ACT/NSW)

Project Dates

2 - 4 September

Your chance to see:
• Artist talk & showing – Friday 9pm
• Artist talk & showing – Saturday 7pm
• Showing – Sunday 6pm