Nature Is Healing

Nature is Healing is a performance work about the relationships between human and non-human animals sharing urban environments, based on the story of the gweela/Australian bush turkey.

Too Rude is a collaboration born from artists Emma McManus and Maria White’s participation in the infamous Earlwood Farm Christmas Climate Change Variety Hour and named after the Daily Telegraph’s response to this event. They make hilarious, researched and political performances about themes such as living in cities, cultural policy, and ecologies.

In their latest work-in-development, the hero is the gweela and its fight against gentrification in urban areas, particularly North Sydney. The work also unpacks the eponymous meme that has emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic, based on a misguided idea of the environment returning to a more ‘natural’ state as humans self-isolate.

Creative Team: Co-creators and performers – Emma McManus and Maria White; Protest Patch designer – Romanie Harper; Sound composer and designer – Angus McGrath