Jane Howard and Jessica Alice

Let Me Tell You

Let Me Tell You is an almanac of the first decade of Adhocracy and its impact, cultural and personal. Alongside, it is also a glimpse to how we – this community of artists, audiences, curators – might imagine ourselves and our world ahead.

Jane and Jessica are writers. Jane was born in Adelaide and started attending Adhocracy in 2011. Jessica moved to Adelaide in 2018; this will be her first time attending. They will bring their disparate experiences of Adhocracy together to create an imperfect production. Let Me Tell You will be scrappy; mixing genres and perspectives; it will sometimes be edited and it will sometimes be raw. It will be much like Adhocracy itself.

The project will include commissioned responses alongside many others garnered throughout this year’s Adhocracy event; poetic, textual and other responses from Jessica and Jane will be offered each evening. And after, Let Me Tell You will transform from a live, immediate response into a curated object/platform.

Image: Heath Britton and Jennifer Greer Holmes



Creative Team

Jane Howard and Jessica Alice (SA)

Project Dates

Adhocracy 2019:
Friday 6 - Sunday 8 September
Entry by donation

Waterside, 11 Nile St,
Port Adelaide

Your chance to see:
• Friday – 5pm readings/Adhocracy opening event
• Saturday – 10pm artist talk/showing
• Sunday – 5pm artist talk/showing