Alice Dixon, Caroline Meaden & William McBride

Lady Example

Let us turn to our Lady Examples.

Lady Example begins as forensic examination of the women who surround us – in our lives, in our cities, in our histories, in our mythologies, in our popular culture. This source material will evolve into an original performance aesthetic, proposing a multiplicitous, complex portrait of being ‘lady’, a total woman who could guide us all forward.

Lady Example is the third collaborative work by dance and performance makers Alice Dixon, Caroline Meaden and William McBride. In this creative development the artists will explore an open improvisation and rehearsal process, focused on playful exchange, alongside showings of the work across the weekend.

Creative Team

Alice Dixon, Caroline Meaden & William McBride (VIC)

Project Dates

2-4 September

Your chance to see:
• Artist talk & showing – Friday 6pm
• Artist talk & showing – Saturday 5pm
• Showing – Sunday 9pm