Adhocracy Proposals

We are seeking proposals from around Australia from artists who would like to develop new work over four days in a hothouse environment.

What are we looking for?

We are interested in projects that:
> Explore ideas, research questions, provocations and concepts;
> Are culturally, politically and socially informed and relevant;
> Provide a methodology for genuine experimentation (with consideration of areas such as decolonisation, collaboration, technology, interdisciplinary practice, climate, community engagement, as relevant);
> Are a genuine collaboration between a creative team (solo proposals are fine if the project is a solo endeavour);
> Are new works in the early stages of development that can benefit from this type of hothouse opportunity.

Key information

This year Adhocracy runs from Thursday 2 September to Sunday 5 September. Selected artists work across all four days on their projects, and present one talk, showing or other activity on each of the three-night public program (3-5 September).

Selected projects will receive a fee of $3000 to $5000, towards artist fees, transport and accommodation costs if you are from outside of South Australia, and materials. Selected project will be allocated a studio space at our venue Waterside, which can range in size and technical capacity. Artists will also receive some additional curatorial, production and documentation support from Vitalstatistix.

If your project is selected, the Vitalstatistix team will work with you to decide on which studio space will best suit your project and to develop a schedule for your time with us.

Adhocracy is an adventurous, intense experience and you will be sharing space and resources with other artists. This is an opportunity for collaboration, experimentation, creative development, and feedback from other artists and audiences.

If you haven’t attended or participated in Adhocracy before we highly recommend you check out the 2020 website, 2019 public program and short documentary videos from previous years.

How to apply

To submit your proposal, please provide us with the following via our online form.

A description of your project: including the key ideas you are exploring and your general approach/methodology to the work’s creative development including how you would use four days at Adhocracy (max two pages).

A description of the creative team undertaking the project: who you are and why are you working together. You may include short biographies (max two pages, including the bios). If you have a large team/project and are applying to develop a specific component, please be clear which artists will directly be involved in Adhocracy.

Other notes (optional): We do not require a detailed budget or production information (we will work with you on this if selected) however you may like to provide any other notes that you think might be useful or contextual – see FAQs & Advice section for the types of things you may cover (max one page).

The above information must be provided in one PDF document which you can upload to the form.

One item of support material: provided by URL.

Optional: One letter of support or recommendation from an artistic peer that can be uploaded; and an option to provide a second item of support material by URL.

Amount: You will be asked to select one funding amount. See FAQs & Advice section for guidance.

Note: Due to the high volume of proposals we receive please stick to the information we have asked for above. Please only submit PDFs (not Word documents). Non-pdf audio visual or digital support material must be provided as URLs on the cover form. Please ensure you clearly name your documents with your name and project title, and provide any passwords for support material.

Submit your application here.

For enquiries contact us via or phone 08 8447 6211.


FAQs & Advice for adhocracy proposals

Project Dates

Call for applications: Closes MAY 24

Waterside, 11 Nile St, and Hart’s Mill,
Mundy St, Port Adelaide, Kaurna Yerta