Erin Fowler


Climate Century

Fever has been co-commissioned by Next Wave and Vitalstatistix, through the Next Wave X initiative.

Fever is an immersive dance-based work that asks us to consider personal, political and cultural change: what starts it and what has stopped it, in the face of human-induced climate change.

The scale of the world’s climate change condition can often lead to an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. Erin’s Fowler’s multidisciplinary work Fever explores these questions: What does it take to truly mobilise and act in response to the most pressing environmental issue of our time? And when we do act, what does it look and feel like?

From large-scale, outdoor time-lapse projections to intimate encounters, Fever will take audiences on a visceral experience that explores the territory between art, ecology and activism.

Creative team

Erin Fowler


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Project Dates

Climate Century Lab:
28 November - 3 December
Public Program:
Friday 1 December
6pm - 9pm