Every Woman

Every Woman is a research process towards a large-scale public performance installation where women will collectively embody diverse and intersectional feminist movements.

Liesel Zink is an award-winning Australian choreographer interested in the body within shifting environmental and political landscapes. Seeking to engage new and diverse audiences in meaningful arts experiences, she creates dance works in public space and uses her process as a platform for artistic, cultural and intergenerational exchange.

In research for this project, Liesel is having conversations with a diverse range of women to collectively re-imagine our future with female voices at the core. She is working in consultation with creative producer Kate McDonald Baggerson who specialises in socially engaged and participatory arts practices, and dramaturg Sanja Simic.

Creative Team: Director and facilitator – Liesel Zink; Collaborating artist – Kate McDonald Baggerson; Dramaturg – Sanja Simic