Capital and Darkness

Capital and Darkness is an improvised sonic writing process, a song cycle and a deep listening, responding to labour, exiting the labour body, machines of production, automation and essentialism.

Virginia Barratt is an Australian researcher, artist, writer and performer, whose work has been instrumental in developing critiques around gender and technology over the last three decades. Lauren Abineri is an early-career multidisciplinary artist whose practice includes music and sound-based interventions, solo and collaborative.

This project emerged from an unplanned co-performance encounter online between the artists during the first weeks of the initial COVID-19 shutdown. A foundational feature of this project is making with and staying with the trouble whereby crisis creates the conditions for the emergence of difference, novelty and diversity.

Creative Team: Sonic fermenter and astral automater – Lauren Abineri aka jemisahologram; Twitch channeler, performer and automatic writer – Virginia Barratt aka mouthhouse