What keeps you up at night?

Gotta bone to pick? Need to air your grievances? 

Even before we were slathering ourselves in sanitiser, it seemed there was a lot to be concerned about on a global scale, but an uncertainty as to how or where to begin to support positive change. tiny revolutions responds to the current collective feeling of powerlessness, by offering a tiny response in the public realm that has the potential for big impact.

pvi collective invites you to submit your concern for the Vitals edition of tiny revolutions by HERE.

In your submission you will be asked to:

> Select a global issue (drawn from the Millennium project)
> In a nutshell tell us why you are overwhelmed by this issue
> Select a creative tactic for the tiny revolutions taskforce to respond with

In May 2021, with 10 selected submissions, pvi will assemble the tiny revolutions taskforce, a roundtable consisting of artists, experts, activists and members of the public. Each submission is set a strict time limit for the taskforce to dig deep, debate and devise a bespoke tiny revolution to be carried out in the public domain.

pvi will document each tiny revolution and gift it back to the submitter and the general public on the tiny revolutions website.

Brought to you in solidarity, by your friendly neighbourhood tactical media company.