Climate Century

Hold on to your headphones, the universe is about to expand.

You are one of a lucky few that will witness a future apocalyptic event – but it’s okay, we have packed you a survival kit!

Eyes investigates myths, beliefs and survival tactics for the end of the world, through the lens of the corporate ‘experience’ economy, in a highly immersive and charged performance.

Matt, your guide from Great Event Entertainment, will take you on a once-in-a lifetime experience (literally!) where, through your special device, you will witness the end of days. What will be destroyed? What will be preserved? Do you have what it takes to survive? You’ll find yourself reflecting on speculative futures, science fiction, spirituality, climate change and jellyfish.

A timely, provocative and innovative audio performance, Eyes is the kind of magic Sandpit is known for.

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Company/Presenter Profile

Sandpit blends design and technology to create captivating experiences in the digital and physical world.


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Eyes was originally commissioned by Country Arts SA through the Australia Council’s Digital Theatre Initiative 2014-2016.

Performance Dates

22 – 25th November at 5pm and 7pm
Gallery Yampu, 1 Jenkins St, Birkenhead.

Please note: this is an outdoor performance, which involves walking. The performance is wheelchair accessible 

Panel - Nigh Futures: Saturday 24 November, 3-5pm, Hart’s Mill Flour Shed, free



Creative Team

Dan Koerner (co-director), Sam Haren (co-director), Rachel Perks (writer), Antoine Jelk (performer), Darian Tregenza (technician/stage manager), Brendan Woithe (sound design/composer), Jonathon Oxlade (design), Renate Henschke (design realisation)