Australian premiere
Presented by Vitalstatistix

Emission is an immersive sound performance about eco-grief that creates a space for mourning, escape, hope and hopelessness, fury, laughter and aural hedonism.

Created by multidisciplinary artists Jason Sweeney and Em König, Emission is a sister piece to their work Sentients, created for Vitalstatistix’s Climate Century program in 2018; however, it will have a very different feel, as a sound bath rather than concert experience.

Made for intimate audiences, the semi-improvised work will draw from traditional and non-traditional sound making technologies and will be designed for a deep listening experience.

Inspired by themes of human relations with non-human animals, animal agriculture and its effects on the climate crisis, solastalgia and the slow apocalypse, Emission captures a spirit which is both soothing and sharp through its sonic imaginings of future dys/u topias.

Image: Em König

Performance Dates

Waterside, 11 Nile St, Port Adelaide,
Kaurna Yerta


Tickets on sale in August

Creative Team

Jason Sweeney and Em König