Rebecca Conroy


In development with Performance & Art Development Agency and Vitalstatistix

Rebecca Conroy‘s Iron Lady is a performative research project and comedic intervention by an artist armed with an ironing board.

The work starts from the premise that finance and the ‘business model’ is an experimental playground that peddles in speculation, fiction, and value creation. Adopting the grammar of finance and mimetic strategies, Iron Lady attempts to intervene in the fictional world of money-making through a business shirt-ironing venture for the central business district.

The ‘Iron Lady’ is a weaponised body that makes explicit the invisible labour of women that drives the economy. As she attempts to conceal her intentions within a deceptively humble laundry service, she performs her trade as part espionage, part sex work, and part domestic servitude.

Hybrid pop-up shop, participatory exchange, dating and counseling service and artisanal salon, Rebecca Conroy’s Iron Lady will function to extract useful information about the economy and experiment with currency and trade.


Creative team

Rebecca Conroy, Emma Price, Lucky Price


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Project Dates

Residency made-work/ironing service: November

City venue and dates to be announced

As part of Feast Festival.