Daniel Jenatsch


In development with Performance & Art Development Agency and Vitalstatistix

“My king, something has been created that no one has created before.” Enheduanna, The Exultations of Innana

In 1927, British archaeologist and spy Sir Leonard Wooley found the now-famous Enheduanna calcite disc in his excavations whilst stationed in Southern Iraq conducting archeological research and monitoring the construction of a German railway system. This was to be one of the most important discoveries in the history of writing and art; the work of Enheduanna, the earliest known poet and composer in human history. Living between 2285-2250 BCE, Enheduanna was the High Priestess of the Sumerian city-state of Ur in what is now Southern Iraq.

A videographic opera documentary, Enheduanna will explore the multiple histories and futures of the work of Enheduana, centring on her epic, autobiographical poem ‘The Exultation of Innana’.

Artist and composer Daniel Jenatsch will collaborate with traditional musicians to bring to life historical recreations of her poems, and contemporary musicians to propose their possible futures, interweaving the many layered stories and histories of one of the oldest named artists in human history, and her work.


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Project Dates

Work-in-progress showing: 27 and 28 October, 7pm

Nexus Arts, corner of North Tce and Morphett St, Adelaide