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Capital and Darkness

Capital and Darkness is an improvised sonic writing process, a song cycle and a deep listening, responding to labour, exiting the labour body, machines of production, automation and essentialism. Virginia Barratt is an Australian researcher, artist, writer and performer, whose…

Adhocracy Extras

ADHOCRACY OPENING > 5pm, Friday 6 September Celebrate our tenth birthday in style, with Jane Howard and Jessica Alice’s project Let Me Tell You plus other special guests, cake, bubbles, and a host of performances and talks for you to…

AI vs Baby

AI vs Baby is an exploration of neuroscience, artificial intelligence, racial bias and memory, using pedagogy and movement to unpack responsive differences between a child and a virtual digital assistant. Emele Ugavule is a Tokelauan Fijian multidisciplinary storyteller. Her work…


Cliffhanger is a multidisciplinary work across performance, installation and text, investigating the cliffhanger and the state of suspension as an omnipresent facet of contemporary anxiety. Holly Childs is an Adelaide-based multidisciplinary artist and writer, recently based in Moscow and Amsterdam.…

Energy Fields

Energy Fields is an experimental, practice-based exploration of body-oriented, dialogical and decolonised ways of working towards future cultural ecologies.  This process brings together four artists whose interests and lived experiences include embodiment, queerness, Indigeneity, radical imagination and activism. Lz Dunn,…

Epoch Wars

Epoch Wars is an artist-run alternative symposium to the 36th International Geological Congress, where artists, thinkers and audiences debate and negotiate the name of the era we will die in. Through their pandrogynous collaborative process, experimental live art duo Pony…

Every Woman

Every Woman is a research process towards a large-scale public performance installation where women will collectively embody diverse and intersectional feminist movements. Liesel Zink is an award-winning Australian choreographer interested in the body within shifting environmental and political landscapes. Seeking…

Game of I-Lands

Game of I-Lands is an intercultural science-art performance project about the impact of the South China Sea conflict on the sentient creatures who inhabit the South China sea marine ecosystem. Australian Performance Exchange (APE) creates new intercultural performance work, which…


Helpline is a participatory live artwork that utilises the ubiquitous helpline and product assistance service to explore isolation, therapeutic outreach and community care. Working across theatre and live art, comedy and drama, Bron Batten and Gary Abrahams are multi-award-winning and…

Hot Body

Hot Body is a poetic performance text exploring touch, intimacy, desire and embodied power in fictional and virtual spaces. Grace Marlow is an early career, multidisciplinary artist working in text-based performances and poetry to inform a practice of quiet interruption.…

How Long Can This Last?

In How Long Can This last? a performer with chronic illness pursues a pain-free space provided by live performance in a durational work interrogating the visibility of disability, medical gaslighting, and what it means to be sick. Jamila Main is…

Hundreds + Thousands

Hundreds + Thousands is a choreographic work that enlists plants as artistic collaborators, audience members and social mediators to explore the transformative powers of communality, fluidity and stillness. Both Luke George and Daniel Kok’s choreographic and visual artworks explore intimacy,…

Identify: What boxes do you tick?

Identify: What boxes do you tick? is a multi-platform performative work that seeks to unpack the fixed and fluid notions between identity of the self and identity by interpolation. Amala Groom is a Wiradyuri conceptual artist whose practice, as the…



Immaculate is an intimate, durational artwork about transforming and reframing the conception of a child, through the lens of queer experience. Casey Jenkins is a Melbourne-based installation and performance artist. Their work explores social and institutional power dynamics and notions…


Mother’s Blood

Mother’s Blood is a contemporary urban drama played out online and IRL about three generations of an Aboriginal family, exploring political change across decades, online identities and technology in dramatic storytelling. Jacob Boehme is a Melbourne born and raised artist…

Nature Is Healing

Nature is Healing is a performance work about the relationships between human and non-human animals sharing urban environments, based on the story of the gweela/Australian bush turkey. Too Rude is a collaboration born from artists Emma McManus and Maria White’s…


In Nevermore, a group of cross punks take aim at rapists through an exploration of how to incorporate comedy, fantasy and punk politics into an artistic response to sexual violence. Jennifer Greer Holmes is a creative producer, a creative documenter and a…

Of Stubborn Songs and Unequal Wars*

Of Stubborn Songs and Unequal Wars* is an intercultural theatre work and living repository of research about domestic violence, the micro-personal and macro-political landscapes of female bodies, and women’s cultural resistance practices. Nithya Nagarajan is an artist and curator whose…

Plant Notes

Plant Notes is an ephemeral art tour investigating the remnant flora on Kaurna Yerta/ the Adelaide Plains, and in this iteration the mangroves (Avicennia marina) which inhabit the Yerta Bulti/Port Adelaide region.  Louise Flaherty and Laura Wills are collaborating South…


Scomodo is a durational performance work where two dance artists obsessively deconstruct and reconstruct a wheelchair, exploring the boundaries between humans and their machines. Cinzia Schincariol is an independent artist based in South Australia and currently Berlin, working across performance,…

Screen Me

Screen Me is a performance project exploring representation on screen, inspired by the lead artist’s experience as the only visible person of colour on an Australian police procedural in the late 90s. Sapidah Kian is a director, actor, theatre maker…

Sincere Apologies

Sincere Apologies is a performance work constructed entirely from apologies – the famous, the obscure, the imagined, the speculative or forth-coming and those that begin every second email in our inboxes. Working from lockdown in Melbourne, two artists well known…


Takatāpui is an expansive performance work unearthing the transgenerational and collective trauma of colonisation, and the relentless journey to reclaiming sovereignty of body, mind and soul. Daley Rangi (Te Āti Awa) is an eclectic, award-winning multidisciplinary artist. Raised on Whadjuk…

The Lost and Found Office

The Lost and Found Office is a performance installation about loss, memory and the everyday experience of slippage, woven together from real-life interviews with South Australian communities. Early career playwright Georgi Paech and emerging director Elizabeth Hay are collaborating on…

We the Sick [of It]

We the Sick [of It] generates a series of participatory micro manifestos about the health of the social body, engaging with poetics, play and radical care practices. Cat Jones is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and researcher thinking across social, biological…

What’s Eating Trestin Meacham?

What's Eating Trestin Meacham? is a podcast about identity, faith and how people with divergent beliefs can find common ground, inspired by the artist’s real-life namesake, a Utah-based Mormon, and their journey to connect. Tristan Meecham is a performance artist…

You Are Jeff

You Are Jeff is a composed theatre piece for pianist and orchestra, inspired by Siken’s Crush, evoking a portrait of queer discovery, self-reflection, rage and sensuality. Dan Thorpe is a classically trained composer, pianist and performer, with an interest in…

Broth Bitch

Broth Bitch is a podcast performance work about the wellness industrial complex and white women, set against conversations about women, labour and capitalism. Michele Lee is an Asian-Australian playwright and theatre maker working across stage, live art, audio and screen.…

Second Hand Emotions

Das Wasser im Bade

Das Wasser im Bade is an experimental exploration of commodified use of water in our daily lives, through sound, video and performance works made from the mundane to the sublime in suburban waterways. Jesse Budel is a composer, performer and…


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