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Sightings explores personal and collective mythologies of place through crowd-sourced mapping and storytelling, choreographed site interventions, video works, documentation and public performance.

The Read

The Read will explore the body in service with a performance by a dancer, a sex worker and an athlete.

Progress Report

Progress Report is a new solo dance performance about consumerism and waste. The work puts real world, every day decisions under the microscope to reveal seemingly contradictory, at times hilarious and often unbearable truths. 

Set Piece

Set Piece explores homosexual coupledom through the lens of power dynamics and erotic power play.

Left Right Forward March

Left Right Forward March is a collaborative performance project between the artist Bron Batten and a member of the Australian Defence Forces, exploring the intersections between conservative and progressive politics in Australian society.

Slow Awakening

Slow Awakening is a performance work spanning the lives and struggles of a unique Aboriginal family from Raukkan Mission, Point McLeay, South Australia, and Dimboola, Victoria.


Speechless is developing as an experimental opera homage to persons rendered speechless through political means. The work draws its primary score and thematic material from Gillian Triggs’ 2014 Human Rights Commission report entitled ‘The Forgotten Children: National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention’.


Super Imposition is a new work and first collaboration by contemporary performance-makers Tamara Saulwick and Nicola Gunn. Fusing performance dramaturgy, music composition and video art, the work interrogates notions of change – our desire for it, our resistance to it and the inevitability of it.


In 2007, NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak got into her car and drove for fourteen hours from Houston to Orlando, to confront her lover’s much younger lover, Colleen Shipman, in a parking lot at Orlando International Airport. Disguised in a dark wig, glasses and trench coat, she allegedly wore an adult nappy used in space so that she didn’t have to stop.


I CON is a new work-in-development by artist, dancer and choreographer Atlanta Eke. Atlanta joins us again after her acclaimed Body of Work at this year’s Adelaide Festival, this time at Waterside.


LOSS. GAIN. REVERB. DELAY is an ambitious sound and sculptural work-in-development, which explores knowledge transmission through time and across land, referencing specific landmarks and correlations between Aboriginal knowledge and scientific discovery.


Victorian-based theatre makers THE RABBLE are developing a new epic, 18-part, ten-hour contemporary performance inspired by James Joyce’s Ulysses.


Angelique is young and full of dark mystery. The future is hers. But her existence teeters on the edge. The future threatens to close in on her. Now she’s disappeared. What happened to her? What does she know? And what are these clues she’s left behind?